who do you stalk?

So this process, I feel, has brought out a lot of good in me.  But, and this is a big but, it has brought out one terrible quality.  I have always been grateful that I didn't date in this era of technology.  It would be so easy to stalk a boy online.  Well guess what I do now?  I stalk the agents I query.  I add them on twitter to see what they are talking about, I check my email like a hundred million times a day, and I check websites where other aspiring authors write about what type of interaction they have had with these agents.  I have read many an article that has suggested that once you send out a query, imagine it is a negative response until you hear otherwise.  It is quite a pessimistic outlook but I think that's how people putting themself through this process protect themselves, to a certain extent.  Plus it's true.  So many agents don't even respond to queries anymore.  So not only are we putting our work out there to be judged by all, much of the time we don't even get a response.  I get that agents are busy.  Top agents get hundreds of queries a day and it would be difficult to respond to each one.  But it does make me grateful for the wonderful agents who do respond to everyone.  So I guess that's it for now...I'm off to check my twitter ;)