Jamie's Story


Book Three in the Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Series

High school is a jock eat nerd world and seventeen-year-old Jamie Jenkins should know. She’s lived life as the ignored little sister of the town football star, but when her family moves to Woodlands after her stint in an eating disorder program, it’s time to reinvent herself. At Woodlands High Jamie Jenkins makes a name for herself as a cheerleader and best friend to Ms. Queen Bee, Jamie Murdock. There are a few downsides like putting up with Jamie’s snide remarks about her weight, taking down the other students a peg or three, and being called the “Other Jamie” behind her back. But a pretty and popular existence is worth sucking it up or sometimes sucking it in.

Suddenly, Jamie loses everything she views as important and is forced to re-evaluate her life. Once a mean girl always a mean girl, right? It’s up to Jamie to decide.