Tina's Story

Book Four in the Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Series. 
This is the stuff rock stars’ dreams are made of.
Tina Turner (not that Tina Turner) and her band, The Rockets, achieve the unbelievable when they are asked to compete on the same music reality television show, The Next Great American Band, that launched the careers of bands like Everclear. Sure, they’d accomplished some small time success in their small town of Woodlands, but this could lead to a bona fide record deal and a place among the greatest constellation of all, Music Stars.
For Tina, this would prove to her mother, supermodel Cece Turner (yes, that Cece Turner), that music is a viable career option, not just a hobby that would need to be put on a back burner when it came time for college, and a way to keep her band of best friends together forever.
But even a paparazzi veteran like Tina couldn’t have foreseen the type of pressures the show would bring, even more groupies (how was that possible?), America’s favorite female rocker turned judge out to critisize Tina’s vocal flaws on national television and pick at Tina’s physical flaws in private, and major family secrets unfolding, thus unraveling Tina on a way too observable stage.