About Me

How do I write this without sounding a bit pretentious? Maybe don't use words like pretentious. I'm the oldest of six kids and five of us are girls. I lived with about twenty girls in college (at all different times don't worry I wasn't in a monster house of girls), so I feel like I know girls. Then God threw me a curve ball and blessed me with my baby boy and I couldn't be more pleased or confused. But in all that time with girls, I learned lots of things including a lot of us are insecure. Especially me. I write about those insecurities and the experiences that come with them, because of them, or despite them. I also write about how amazing girls and women are because ya know what, I'm happy to be a girl. I love to write because I'm a bit crazy and characters speak to me at all hours. Luckily I can call myself an author and all of a sudden seem sane. I'm married to the man of my dreams I wasn't smart enough to dream up. That sums me up in a semi-neat and tidy paragraph.
Hugs and Love,