Yesterday was a low.  Probably the lowest point I have had since I have started on this journey.  I got some bad news and was sure it was the end.  The end of my writing "career".  I was wondering what it was for.  I spent tons of time away from my son and for what?
I am a spiritual person and I know that I can speak to God through prayer and I know that he will answer me.  So I prayed.  And what I wanted was an answer.  I wanted to know what to do.  I wanted him to make the decision for me.  The answer I got was I already knew I was doing what I was supposed to do.  It didn't mean that I don't have to step it up as a mother and wife.  But I also knew that I need to step it up as a writer.  I don't know what is going to happen to my writing but the lessons I am learning through this process are irreplaceable.  I know I am a stronger person, a better person, dare I say even a better mother. 
I think that we have lows in order to appreciate the highs and yesterday will definitely be a day I remember in order to be entirely grateful for any wonderful day I recieve :)