water ideas

Is it just me or does anyone else's best ideas come in the shower?  I swear the person who invents a waterproof laptop will have me as a customer for life ;)
You are hearing it here first y'all.  I am revamping my whole query and my book.  AHHHH!!!  I got some great advice and I know that I need to follow it.  I just means a whole lotta work.  Oh gosh.  I am waiting for inspiration to hit me and kind of avoiding it right now if you can't tell.  I mean this seems like a post that should come after the work has been done right?
That reminds me I read someone's status on facebook that said procrastination is the best nation.  hahahaha...okay maybe not that funny but I thought it was clever. 
I have officially written all that I can to avoid really writing and it's off to work I go...wish me luck...better yet pray for me please ;)