I have a friend that puts drawings up on her blog.  I love them.  I wish I had the capability to do that right now because it would be a much easier way to get my next few points across but alas I don't have the right stuff. 
When I started on this process, bright and dreamy eyed, I believed that everyone would see my talent.  I would be offered so many different proposals that I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  Most of all this process would have taken two weeks.  Okay maybe that isn't really exactly what I thought, but it was pretty close.  I mean I wrote a novel, I thought people would have to respect that. 
One month into the process I learned that there are many, many people who have written novels.  And gosh darn good ones at that.  I started reading other queries of books and thought why has this not been published??  There are amazing minds out there.  But I still thought that agents should at least ask to see my stuff.  I mean how could they judge me without even reading my book? 
Now two months into it, I am grateful that I am allowed to query any agent I want.  I am so grateful that it isn't the case that every good agent is taken and that there are just crooks out there for the rest of us.  I am so grateful that anyone wanted to see my work, ever, and wish that I had been more grateful of those wonderful moments when I had them.  I read the story of a girl today who has been through the gamet of emotions and the entire possible range of rejection to acceptance without receiving the holy grail of an agent.  This was on her third book, so now she is on to writing her fourth.
I have come to an acceptance that people may not see my brilliance yet.  I may have to query two, three, four, five, six, okay I'll stop there because the idea seems overwhelming, books. 
But don't worry I'm still querying VEGA.  I love it.  I'm not sure I completely believe in it but I love it.  I have started going through a website of agents, one agent at a time, to query every single one.  Desperation?  Maybe.  Genius?  Probably not.  Will it get the job done?  Only time will tell.