oh dear...

I am supposed to be trying to network and this is what I do, not write on my blog for three weeks.  If this is any indication of the type of business woman I am going to be...it doesn't bode well ;)  I've decided that I am going to for sure have a post for you every thursday.  So mark it on your calenders ladies and gentlemen, you get the marvelous, useless, rantings of Julia Keanini once a week :) 
I am rewriting like crazy and now my book is not even resembling what I had before.  It is lots of work but it is almost like writing two books, when I am done can I count it as two books? 
I think the biggest thing I have learned this week is to keep at it.  Some days I have no idea where I am going with my story or how this scene is supposed to play out but then I sit down and stare at the computer and it somehow gets written.  And for today...that's all folks :)