Isn't it always the way...

Disclaimer:  This blog will veer away from writing for a moment but it will eventually get back on track (I think).
I had an awful day yesterday.  I am not saying this to get sympathy but it was just terrible (fact).  I wasn't feeling well.  On top of that I spilled raw chicken juice all over my stove and sliced my finger open.  We were having guests to dinner and I overcooked the broccoli and really the dinner wasn't that good.  Baby boy would not take a nap.  Isn't it always the way.  He was whining and crying so of course I did the stupidest thing possible and threatened him with closing his door.  (I don't know why I did this, I KNEW it would cause a melt down).  And then all hell broke loose.  It was the gut screaming, hair pulling out, laundry throwing, creating of the incredible hulk type of tantrum.  So I was on one side of the door holding it closed, while laughing hysterically (I tend to laugh when I get really, really mad).  Baby boy on the other side, well, having his melt down.  I would open the door and try to talk to him but he would get in my face and tell me what I was doing wrong.  Anyway it ended eventually but by that point I was spent. 
So I did what any selfish wife would do.  I called my husband so that he could see how sad I was.  I got the phone and ended up on the ground crying that I couldn't do it anymore.  My husband being the loving man he is told me I didn't have to do it anymore and then asked what it was.  There was probably about five more minutes of that. 
But then I pulled myself together, finished the mediocre dinner, cleaned up my kitchen and myself and ended up having a nice evening.
And then today I had an angel child.  Literally it was like night and day.  And I started to think to myself is this the way baby boy behaves all the time and I just don't appreciate it normally?  Did I have to have that awful day in order to be grateful for all the good ones?
I think that's how writing is for me.  I have normal days and then I will have a really bad one.  Either I will get a particulary bad rejection or I will read my stuff and wonder why the heck I'm even doing this.  But then the next day things will seem to fall into place and I am so happy.  Sometimes we have to have the bad in order to even notice the good.  Today I am so grateful for the good.

Happy Writing :)