dreeeeeam, dream, dream, dreeeam

I really, really, really want to go to a writer's conference.  Random thought I know but I've been thinking about them so much.  Can you imagine going to a place where everyone wants to either get their book published or publish your book?  Where all you talk about is writing???  I know this may not seem like a dream like place to many other people but to me it would be better than Disneyland...it would even be, dare I say it, better than Costco??? ;) 
Part of  me hopes that I don't get my book published until I get this chance, most of me realizes there would be no way for me to ever be able to afford going to the mainland without a published book.  Oh the ridiculous cycles of life.
As long as we are talking about dreams that may seem out of reach I sometimes walk through bookstores and the book sections of big retailers just so I can imagine where on the shelves my book will land. 
It really feels so good to be so honest on this thing :)