starting over...

As you all know, because I can't shut up about it, I haven't been writing recently.  The other night I thought about my book and realized I didn't like the portion of the book that I had left off on.  I tried to pinpoint the last part of the book I loved and I couldn't think of it.  I realized that I didn't want to go back because I really didn't like what I had.  I do love my characters and my idea but my execution was once again subpar. 
So I did what any self punishing author would do.  Restarted again.  I have an opening scene that I love and think it's really original.  I wrote down all of the characterstics of my main characters and groups.  I was being wishy washy on some attributes and I didn't ever want to lose a character's personality or goals in the story.
I feel tons better and really feel this is the right direction for now.  We will see what tomorrow brings but today I'm happy :)