what annoys me most (right now)

I don't know how many times in the past couple of months I have wanted to loose my cool completely because of one thing in particular.  I had never understood the term blood boils until this particular pet peeve presented itself.
I can't stand when someone acts like it is easy to do what I am trying to do.  People will make offhand comments that they could write a book.  Now everyone can get published because there is self publishing.  (Both comments are truths).
So when I realized that this was becoming a trend in my life, I tried to pinpoint why it made me so upset.  At this moment my writing is going no where.  I make excuses that I was on a trip, I'm a mom, I need to read more, etc.  But it comes down to one thing.  I am so scared.  This process is brutal.  I finished a book.  A book that, at that point, I was proud of.  Then I sent it to agents, had people read it, and it was a failure.  Don't get me wrong I learned from it, but it was a failure.
After failure, the last thing I want to hear is how easy the thing I failed at is to succeed in. 
That got me thinking further.  Everyone is at a different point in their lives.  These comments weren't made to hurt or offend me and how many times have I done this same thing to someone else, belittled their journey, without understanding their story.
And it comes back to the lesson you can't control what anyone around you does, you can only control what you do.  In this situation, I can get over my fear, continue writing, and watch what I say in the future :)