And so it begins again...

I'm back :) You may be wondering did Julia go off and hide under a rock for the last eighteen months? And the answer to that is pretty much. I shelved my first novel, something I never thought I'd do, and wrote a brand new book where the subject matter is close to my heart. It is a YA contemporary that deals with food, body image, and all the things that pretty much defined my teenage years.
I just finished editing and I have my manuscript in the hands of trusted friends and then I'm back to, oh my gosh, the query trenches. Sometimes I wish I could erase the last experience from my mind because after Vega was written I was pretty sure the hard part was done. Little did I know, it had barely begun ;) But if I were still ignorant to the query process, I would be way less ready and I think I'm going in with eyes wide open this time. I guess only time will tell.
I've been researching (stalking) agents and I hope I've come up with a good list for me. I'll let you know when I start the real process. I'm still cleaning up my query and waiting on my manuscript but after that, I'm off!!