Querying, querying, querying

Random question before I get into my post. How do you pronounce query? I think I probably pronounce it wrong because I really just read all of the advice I get. It's weird to think I haven't actually heard the word said...
Anyway, in case you couldn't tell, I'm back in the trenches. The first time I did this it was so much easier. I read all these success stories and felt confident success for myself would be right around the next corner.
Now, although I feel like my work is about a million times better, I am also a million times wiser (okay maybe not a million in either case) and am freaked out to actually send out my query letter. I've revised it no less than five times and just started sending it out in small batches.
Last time I blasted my query out to sooo many agents but this time I pulling out all my PI tricks to get to know each and every agent I query. I only query one or two a day because I spend so long researching each one.
I know that is the better way to do this but somehow it makes the rejection a tiny bit harder. It's like but are you sure, because I think we are a match made in heaven. I now am glad that I only put myself out there once while I was dating (that too ended in rejection). I don't know if I could take the rejection it takes to be a writer if I'd already been through loads of it. Or maybe I'd have a thicker skin.
I do feel like I am a better writer and also a better person for having been through the querying process once. If the second time doesn't end in representation at least I can hope to again grow as a writer and ultimately a person. Not too shabby a consolation prize, if you ask me ;P