And I am an addict...

A youtube addict that is.
First a little background. I grew up in Hawaii, which is a beautiful place but the only beauty tips I learned during my high school experience were to carry a brush around with me wherever I went. (Maybe other high schoolers in Hawaii had a different experience and I actually love that people here don't feel the need to cake on the make-up.)
Anyway now that I've hit the big 3-0, I decided I need a little more than a brush. I've learned a few tips in college (I attended on the mainland and had 20 plus roommates but that's for another post) but being the oldest child and my mother not being one to wear much make up, I needed to take matters into my own hands.
Enter the youtube beauty experts. Now if you ever have tried to find a beauty expert on youtube the place can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands. So I created criteria. I wanted a youtuber who was a female of color (preferably mixed Asian and white since that's what I am). And voila I found a girl that was half Thai, half white. Not my exact same mix but I felt it would work. I learned a lot from her channel but needed more opinions. That's when I found the UK youtubers.
I LOVE the UK. Not sure why I have the obsession but I do. I've made abysmal attempts at the accent and have already warned my husband we will be moving there at some point in our lives. Anyway back to youtube.
So I found these girl's and they are fantastic. Although I can't get some of the products they talk about (but I'm used to that because in Hawaii we have about half of the products the rest of the US gets) I love the way they teach me. Holy moly I didn't mean for this to become such an ode but if anyone out there is like me and want to figure out how to approach or wear make up better, youtube can help :) It can also draw you in and make you want to watch it everyday but hey everything has it's downside, right?