My Obachan (Japanese Grandmother) is the greatest juggler I know. She wasn't able to run as a child, so she spent hours practicing her juggling. I remember as a kid getting to go visit her and she endlessly entertained us with juggling three, four, even five objects at a time. I was going to be that good, one day.
Well it's not juggling bean bags, but I feel like I've got at least five objects up in the air right now. I am loving the process of indie publishing, but it does mean I am author and publisher. I work hand in hand with not only my editors and cover artist, but also my formatter. I decide the release date. I decide when my book is ready to be published. I am the final say on every decision when it comes to the life of the Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? series. And as invigorating as that can be, it is overwhelming. I'm down to the crunch time. My first two books are due out in less than one month and I'm gonna do this!!
I've held Lacey's Story in my hand and the beginning is so close I can taste it. Honestly, the next post will probably be after Lacey and Anna are released. AHHHH!! :)