It has been a crazy past couple of days. Being the brilliant business person I am, I decided I wanted to publish to all ebook platforms, set Lacey free on all platforms, and publish Tina. Oh my freakin goodness?!? I was nuts!! But it is almost all done!!! Lacey is free everywhere except for amazon, but I think on it's way (that means you, yes you, can get Lacey for FREE), all of my books are on all platforms, except for Tina, she's on amazon and I'm working on the rest, but I think it will all be done by tomorrow. YAY!!! Sorry about the longest that sentence, but with my mood, it had to be done ;)
So, in summary, you can get all of my books everywhere, Tina is out for all the world to read, and Lacey is free!!!
All in all a pretty productive couple of days, if I do say so myself (and I do).
Luckily I plan my books out better than my production schedule (hahaha that is a total lie. My books sometimes don't have an end to them until my fingers are actually typing the scene ;).

Hugs and Aloha,