Oh what a year :)

2015 has been an amazing year for me personally and definitely professionally. I've released the entire Goddessness? series and I've got to say I am so pleased with the final product thanks to the help of amazing editors, cover designer, and formatter. It takes a village ;) As the year comes to a close, I have the hope that Lacey's story will continue to reach those who most need it. If you know someone who has an issue or could use Lacey's Story in their life, share please :) As much as it's been nice to recoup the cost of the books, the craziest thing for me has been to see Lacey's story read far and wide. From Norway to Chile, from Papua New Guinea to Mexico and so many places in between. And as cool as that is, what has meant the most have been the emails and notes I've received from people telling me the help Lacey's Story has been for them. The girls that have gotten help for their eating issues and those that have reached out to others with their same problems and helped each other along the way. Many of you know that I suffered from an eating disorder (if you want to read more on that, go to my blog), so Lacey, Anna, Jamie, Tina, Mr. B, and Audrey's stories have been more than just a writing project, they've been therapeutic and a labor of love. As I move on from this project, for now (there will be sequels to a few of the books in the future), I'm grateful for all that they have taught me, for all you have taught me, and for the amazing support and outpouring of love I've felt from you. Thank you!! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year :) Hugs and Aloha, Julia