Updated cover...say what??!

So this is the second time I've done this to my poor cover designer. Luckily, he is a ridiculously professional and kind individual and hasn't told me to go to the place where the sun don't shine when I email him frantically, a week after the cover has been done and paid for, and tell him oh my gosh I need a new cover cause I've fallen out of love with the one I have. Music to his ears, right?
Good news, though?? I have a new cover to show you!! There are lots of the same elements, but I'm back in love and I love being in love ;)

And you must be saying (actually probably not, but let's just pretend this is what your saying), Julia, you've given us two covers and we still have no idea what your book is about. Oh, yeah, that's right. My bad :) 

Sara Chandler knows she should be happy with her life. Her best friend, Lia, would even describe it as ‘perfect’. She has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect grades, the perfect family, and has almost secured her spot as the perfect editor. But Sara feels something is missing and can’t help but think it might be in the form of a dark-eyed wrestler, Blake Brandon, the same something every girl at Woodlands High thinks is missing from their lives.

Sara knows that her crush is just that, a crush. But when Sara finds Blake literally at her feet, Sara’s
‘perfect’ life flies out the window.

Although Sara’s new life in what must be an alternate reality appears to be absolutely wonderful, Sara
is wary. And she has every right to be. Especially when she finds out what Blake has been hiding.

You need to know what Blake's hiding, right? And you'll all know August 4th :) 

Aloha and hugs,