new and improved query...hopefully :)

So I haven't had any bites on the query front recently.  I attributed that to my query letter...after all that is all the agents are seeing.  So I woke up with inspiration in the middle of the night last night and here it is.  Hopefully this will get the agents out there biting :)

Before Mia Tanaka decides to attend Vega Preparatory Academy, the hardest decision in her life is choosing what college to go to; after she gets to Vega, she has to choose between her dream of becoming a time traveler and saving the world. 

Vega Preparatory Academy is a place shrouded in mystery.  Even the brochure Mia is offered by Vega hotties Rhys and Jesse at her school’s college fair doesn’t provide any helpful information.  Mia gives the school no real thought until Rhys impresses upon her how much Vega needs her, and in turn, how much she needs Vega. 

Later that day, when Mia arrives at work, a strange woman grabs Mia and warns her that she must not attend Vega Preparatory Academy, and if she does, there will be grave consequences.  Despite the warning, Mia feels drawn to Vega and decides it is where she wants to go. 

During Mia’s first day at Vega, she is reintroduced to Rhys, who seems to be interested in her romantically.  That would be great if it weren’t for Angelica, the mean girl who decides to make life miserable for Mia because she has it in her head that Rhys is her man, and Jesse, Rhys’s beautiful and mysterious cousin who Mia can’t help but have a crush on. 

Vega continues to intrigue Mia as bits and pieces of its secret comes out.  When Mia finally learns that Vega Preparatory Academy is the training ground for time travelers, something clicks inside of her.  This is what Mia is meant to do.  The only problem is there is just one lone female time traveler spot open, so Mia will have to fight for the position.  Mia has never had to fight for anything in her life and isn’t sure that she has enough in her to get past Angelica’s conniving ways, the strange woman from the diner who attempts to shut down Vega forever, and most of all, her own insecurities.

VEGA is a YA Fantasy novel complete at 100,000 words.

Growing up on the sunny shores of Kailua, Hawaii, I read books like A Wrinkle in Time, Tennis Shoes among the Nephites, and Anne of Avonlea voraciously. These books opened my mind and prompted me to dream of traveling to long lost times and being a part of different worlds.  As I grew up, I realized that dream was impossible. VEGA is, in a way, my rebellion.  After gaining my Bachelor of Arts in History from Utah Valley University and learning even more about the times I yearned to be a part of, I decided that if I wanted a world in which I could time travel to exist, I needed to create it.

Thank you so much for you time and consideration.