Words to live by...

Write to express, not impress.  I LOVE this!!  I read it in an article by someone much smarter than I am but at least I'm smart enough to notice that it's an amazing idea ;)  Everytime I get lost in this process it is because I am thinking about what others would want or trying to please the masses (or even just agents and editors).  But what's the point if I'm not expressing me.  The the only unique feature I really have in my writing is me.  If that's lost, what's left??
Another epiphany I had (probably not life changing to anyone except for me but man it hit me hard) write in as few words as I can.  Don't try to sound smart.  Throw the point out there but there's no need to cushion it with a bunch of unnecessary words.
PS I read Hunger Games and am in love...with Katniss, Peeta, and, surprisingly, with my writing again.  I had lost a little interest in my story until I read the Hunger Games and as much as I loved reading Suzanne Collins' amazing story and characters, most of all I realized I miss MY characters and story.  Even if no one else ever feels this way at least I do, right?

Happy Writing :)